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Louise Don

Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer in Totnes & Ashburton

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In order to fuel your fitness activities – giving you physical energy, building your muscles and allowing your body to relax sufficiently to rejuvenate between sessions – you need to be feeding your body the best nutrients!

All elements of your body (muscles, organs, skin, hair, etc) are created from the food you are eating – what else could they be made from?

However, the amount of conflicting nutritional information available can be quite overwhelming!

I can help you prioritise the changes you want to make and take a step-by-step approach.

If you want a junk body – eat junk food!

If you want a quality body – eat quality food!


We were born to move!

Our miraculous bodies evolved over thousands of years of active living – hunting, gathering, labouring. We thrive when we are pumping oxygen and other nutrients around our body, and also taking time out to relax and rejuvenate.

For good health, it is ideal if we can balance our modern indoor sedentary lifestyles with regular movement, connection with nature and relaxation.

Whether you are coming from an already active lifestyle, or you are starting from scratch, the key is gradual, consistent steps in your progress towards improved health and fitness.

Together, we can assess your starting point and plan the appropriate levels and types of activity to suit your fitness, ability and lifestyle.


Giving yourself the gift of optimum health and fitness is not just about exercise and diet.

Small changes to daily habits can make a profound difference to how you feel – physically and emotionally.

I often include suggestions for simple ideas to incorporate into your daily living – with practice, many healthy habits become easy, automatic, and enjoyable.

After all, who doesn’t have just 5 minutes to spare in a whole 24 hours, to take a break from sitting at a desk, breathe, stretch, appreciate, swing your arms, look at the sea?

These small habits make big differences, and can grow into bigger transformations to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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Louise Don

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