Cancer treatments you have never heard of could save your life or that of your loved one!

The first step in healing yourself is Education – your health is in YOUR hands – doctors and therapists are at YOUR service!

I believe, along with some of the most outstanding, experienced health experts around today, that cancer is one of the body’s survival mechanisms. It is not a random attack on our body by an outside force.

Risk of disease such as cancer may be increased by outside influences, such as pollution, food additives or bereavement, but our bodies have outstanding healing and repair capacities to turn around the damage caused, if we give them the optimum nourishment and support to do so.

Everything that happens in our body follows a logical path, and is always an attempt to give us the best possible chance of survival.

Along with diabetes, heart disease, and other degenerative conditions, cancer is a message to us that our being is out of balance and we need to change something.

There is increasing evidence of the role of nutrition, lifestyle and environment in cancer survival and prevention. You can read more about these factors in the resources listed below. These resources will provide you with the information and education you need to bring optimum health back into your being. And I promise you – you will find some fascinating, inspiring stories and discoveries here that will change your view of what is truly possible!

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