By Rani Louise – Nutritional Therapist and Vitality Coach

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While some of us may be wishing for a burst of late summer sunshine, Mother Earth seems to be preparing us early for the approaching the autumn equinox in September – marking the transition from late summer to autumn and winter.

So what is the equinox?

And how can we harness its powerful energy to boost our health and wellbeing?

There are two equinoxes each year – spring and autumn. The autumn equinox occurs at the moment the sun crosses the equator from north to south. This year, that moment is 8.22am on Wednesday 23rd September. On that day we will have approximately 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night-time – equality!

This is a time of turning sea tides as the fullness and expression of summer transforms into the inner quiet of autumn and winter. This dynamic change in universal energy is mirrored in all the cells in our bodies, and thus we can experience a powerful cleansing.

Support your Body…

Many people can feel a bit unsettled during the days around the Equinox – for example, headaches, tiredness, aches & pains, mood changes and even catching a cold (Nature’s way of giving our bodies a much-needed detox), as our trillions of cells energise their cleansing cycles and off-load higher levels of toxins into our bloodstream. Therefore it can be a great time to simplify things in our diet and lifestyle, and maybe take some extra time to rest, be quiet and meditate – generally be gentle with yourself and give yourself some extra TLC!

It’s also good to be aware that we will start moving towards different foods to nourish and ground us through the cooler months – eg, bone broth, warming soups and stews to feed our digestive fire, more root vegetables and other seasonal fruit and veg such as cabbage, kale, leeks, squash, aubergine, broccoli, chard, apples, blackberries.

Another way to help your body along with this seasonal cleanse is to use naturopathic techniques such as epsom salts baths, dry skin brushing or castor oil packing. The more you can listen to your body and support yourself through this powerful transition, the more you will boost your immune system and set yourself up for a healthy, vibrant, harmonious winter. 

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