Nutrition Sessions


  • Increase energy levels
  • Address many acute and chronic conditions
  • Bring clarity to the confusing messages that are “out there” about what we should and shouldn’t eat
  • Give you a motivational kick-start – maybe you already know a little or a lot about what you “should” be doing and just need a nudge in the right direction
  • Enjoy eating delicious healthy food and not feel like you’re depriving yourself
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of your health situation and choices
  • Support major transitions such as menopause
  • Improve and maintain good health
  • Shift stagnation on many levels

bigstock-Green-And-Red-Healthy-Food-14588906NATUROPATHIC NUTRITION

If you are looking for a simple, natural approach to achieving good health then you have found it! Naturopathic Nutrition is a practical and integrated approach to health and wellbeing!

Naturopathic Nutrition is about more than just food – it presents the miraculous human body and its healing processes in an intuitive and logical way that both makes sense and inspires people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

You can learn to change things in your body to provide your trillions of cells with the support, information and nutrition they require to cleanse effectively, remove stagnation, heal, and ultimately to harness the cleansing and energising power of the natural cycles.


In your initial one hour consultation I will take you through your full case history – putting together your story from when you were born and including your family influences on your life and health.

I will present you with an interpretation of your case history, explaining how your body has arrived at its present condition. I will bring you awareness and knowledge of how your intelligent body has always done its very best for you. Nothing in our bodies happens randomly, and this becomes clear when we recognise how everything is connected.

Our bodies have an outstanding capacity for self-healing and nurturing, and with this awareness, we can take back control for our own health and wellbeing.

You will learn how to keep your body well nourished and hydrated. This is not just a question of the nutrients and water you are putting in, but how they are being absorbed and moved to the right place to be utilised effectively.

This you can achieve with the recommendations you will receive regarding diet, supplements and naturopathic techniques.


There’s just one thing you need to do to prepare. I will send you an initial questionnaire for you to complete and send back to me prior to the session.

This helps to begin bringing your awareness to your body and your lifestyle, and note how you are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally. It will help bring focus to how you are nourishing, and how you are stressing your body, again on various levels – with your food, your emotions, your behaviour.

If you have the time, you may wish to read the book “Cellular Awakening” by Barbara Wren, the founder of the College of Natural Nutrition. This book is very interesting and inspiring to read, and gives a background to the Natural Nutrition approach to health and wellbeing.


Please email me on, or phone or text me on 07949 229974 to book a session, find out more information or have a chat.

I give sessions in Hangleton, near Portslade Station, or by phone or Skype.

Initial sessions are one hour (£65), and follow-up sessions are 30 minutes (£34).