Vitality Coaching

Welcome to the NUTRITION AND VITALITY Coaching Programmes

These Nutrition and Vitality Coaching Programmes are designed with the busy, motivated individual in mind – all core sessions can be carried out by Skype, Phone or in Person in the Brighton area.


  • Are you fed up of having all good intentions for healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, and then slipping back into bad habits again when the going gets tough?
  • Or maybe you’re frustrated by not knowing quite how to adjust your daily routines and habits to get your best health results in the most fun, enjoyable, simple ways.
  • Confused by the overload of nutritional information out there – chocolate is good for you, chocolate is bad for you – soya is good for you, soya is bad for you?
  • You probably already know a lot about how to give your body the very best of everything, so it will give back to you outstanding levels of vitality and energy. But maybe you would just like some clarity, guidance, accountability and motivation to breakthrough and achieve your goals?

Be your best! Feel your best! Look your best! It’s all within your reach!

  • Make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that will give you massive returns in your energy and vitality – giving you the resilience and mental clarity to work more effectively in your business! (and make 2014 your best business year yet!)
  • Stay motivated and inspired, and learn how to integrate new habits into your lifestyle, so that you fall in love with your own body and enjoy giving it the very best! (and feel and look fantastic on your family holiday next summer!)

All programmes begin with an in-depth nutrition consultation, followed by a detailed programme emailed to you.

We look at where you are now, and where you want to be, and together we create a road-map to get you there!

And then, to help keep you on track, 30 minute Skype coaching sessions will keep you motivated, answer any questions, and help develop your personal programme as you develop on your health journey.

These programmes are NOT for everyone. They are NOT for you if:

  • You want a quick-fix and then want to go back to old habits and an easy life!
  • You want to do just enough to not get seriously ill!
  • You want something for nothing!
  • You want to cross your fingers and hope for the best!
  • You believe that your health is out of your hands – a matter of genetics and statistics!

These ARE for you if:

  • You want to make 2014 your HEALTHIEST year ever!
  • You are willing to put the work in to change old habits and love your body!
  • You are committed to making your health the best it can possibly be!
  • You want to open the door to a brand new future full of outstanding energy and vitality!
  • You want to give your body the very best so it will return it to you 100-fold!
  • You want clarity on confusing nutritional information and would appreciate some common-sense, simple information and guidance that works!
  • You want a motivational kick-start, a full individual nutritional consultation followed by 12 weeks of accountability, recipe ideas, tips, inspiration and coaching!
  • You have a level of courage and determination that most people don’t show up with!


Here is a summary of my three core programmes, and you can link through to further details about each one:




 PRICE (if paid in full at beginning of programme)  £997btn_paypal  £1,497btn_paypal


    £597 plus         2 x £229 p m  (£1,055)


    £997 plus        9 x £67 p m  (£1,600)btn_paypal   £1,997 plus        9 x £197 p m (£3,770)btn_paypal
 Initial 1-to-1 Nutrition Consultation – 90 min

  • (Skype or in person in Brighton area)

 Follow-up Email

  • Detailed nutrition and lifestyle  recommendations

 Your own personal workbook

 Optional 15% off retail supplement prices


  • Fortnightly 1-to-1 coaching Skype call – 6 x 30 min
  • 3 x Months Vitality Club online membership (access to a comprehensive library of free downloads on nutritional and lifestyle topics, aswell as delicious, healthy recipes)
  • 3 x Monthly 15 min Recipe Video
  • Audio CD – Understanding Stress

 12 MONTH PROGRAMME Includes 3 MONTH PROGRAMME above, plus for months 4 to 12:

  • Monthly 1-to-1 coaching Skype call – 9 x 30 min
  • Vitality Club online membership
  • Monthly 30 min Recipe Video
  • Monthly 60 min CD
 2 x VIP Days – 2 x 6 hours of 1-to-1 mind/body/spirit experience day, including delicious healthy lunch*
 4 x 2 hour 1-to-1 Vitality Review Skype sessions – once every 3 months

 * VIP Days will be held in Brighton or London area – or if outside this area, travel and accommodation expenses to be added