What my Clients Say

Rani, I’ve spent twenty years trying to advise my parents to be more healthy. And you’ve apparently done it in 3 hours!! AMAZING!!!!!”         

Julie, Hove


So so interesting. I learnt way more than I ever imagined. I found it so useful to be able to ask questions, get bits repeated and explained again and again until I understood. Rani is so patient, great at explaining complicated things in a much more simple way, and made me feel as though nothing I asked was a stupid question.”

Lydia, Hove


Rani has educated me from the basic foundation of scientific nutrition right up to the practical methods that I can apply to my life. She has pieced together my random knowledge and I have very much appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to ask numerous questions, both general and personal, in a comfortable and educational environment. Thank you Rani, and I look forward to Level 2!

Lala, Brighton


A very interesting class – the time just flew by. So much food for thought and very handy hand-out which will be very useful. Lovely instructors – all 3!                 

Maureen, Newhaven


Skepticism demolished!!!    

George Barton, Hove


Wonderful Rani, I cannot thank you enough for kick starting my future! Today was brilliant and I enjoyed everything so much.  Thank your wonderful ‘team’ too, you work well together. I came home and went for an energetic walk and have just baked the walnut muffins. I have no idea how they taste yet…

Sarah Fretwell-Jex, Brighton


Before I came on this workshop I struggled with what exactly should I eat to feel the most well. Now I have learned so much in one day that I can go home and implement. I would completely recommend Rani and this workshop. Wonderful!

Sophie Mahir, Newhaven


Rani is very knowledgable and passionate about nutrition. She also teaches you to respect your body, and in turn, listen to what your body is telling you. Many thanks Rani, great day!

Emma Newell, Haywards Heath


I have been treating myself with Rani’s nutritional guidance for almost 10 weeks and I’ve had so much improvement within my body.

I was interested in seeing her in the first place because I was suffering with low blood sugar, bloating and gas. And, having followed her advice and guidance, I’m proud to say that my blood sugar is back to normal, and I’ve lost my bloating and gas.

So I’ve decided to continue treating myself with Rani’s support, not only because of what she says, but also I felt the caring and support that she knew what I was going through. I felt understood, and that was very important for me to continue and have the courage to proceed in learning about my body.

I now feel totally energized, motivated, fresh and proud of my body.

Naomi Escudeiro, Hove